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Legalization of employment of the foreigners in the Republic of Poland

  • Declaration of intention to entrust the work to the citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia
  • Work permits for foreigners in Poland (type A, B, C, D, E).
  • Extension of work permits in the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  • A single permit for work and residency in the Republic of Poland.

Legalization of stay/residence in Poland

  • The residence permit for a certain time.
  • Temporary residence card in Poland.
  • Long-term residence permit for EU residents.
  • Resident’s card.
  • A permanent residence permit in Poland.
  • Residence permits for EU citizens and their families.
  • The exchange of temporary residence cards.
  • Invitation of foreign citizens.

Polish citizenship

  • Certification of Polish citizenship.
  • Recognition of a person for a Polish citizen.
  • Acquisition of Polish citizenship.

As well as:

  • Establishment and registration of limited liability companies (LLC).
  • Registration of a business.
  • Registration of foreign citizens (place of residence).
  • A copy of the civil acts.
  • Health insurance for foreigners.
  • Payment information of contributions to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).
  • A certificate from the tax office (US) on the history of taxes payment.
  • Extract from the National Court Register (KRS).
  • Polish language course.
  • Search for housing and other real estate for foreigners.
  • Obtaining permission to purchase real estate.

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